Emergency Services / Troubleshooting

Emergency Electrical Services in Washington and Oregon

As with anything else, sometimes there are problems within a buildings electrical system where a simple solution isn’t readily available. Accurate Electric Unlimited has the experience to troubleshoot issues, pinpoint the problems, and fix it as efficiently as possible to get you back online. Once on site, AEU will perform a thorough investigation.  From there, we determine possible causes and get to the root of the issue. After repair, we test the system once again to make sure all electrical is online again.

 In the event of a serious electrical issue, it’s important to handle the situation as soon as possible. Flickering lights could mean a defective bulb or ballast, or the beginning of a major power outage. Smoking and/or sparking from the panel is obvious cause for alarm and needs to be addressed immediately.

 Power outages can happen in many different ways, some of which can’t be controlled. An overgrown tree branch could fall onto the lines, a car accident may take out a power pole, or a poorly constructed panel, incorrectly installed wiring, or overloading the system can cause major malfunctions.

 As is the case with any industrial, commercial, or mixed use building, a power outage can be costly and even dangerous. AEU will act quickly to take care of any immediate safety concerns. From there, we will inspect the system to see what might have caused the disturbance and take the proper steps in rectifying the situation as soon as possible. We also let you know what steps need to be taken to make sure preventable issues can be addressed.

 Problems with the power can be an inconvenience, such as an office building being without power for a few hours, or catastrophic, like a jail or medical facility being dark for any amount of time. Accurate Electric has the experience and the crew to take care of both emergency situations.