Preventative Maintenance

Electrical Services in Washington and Oregon

In the electrical industry, preventive maintenance is equally important as vehicle maintenance, if not more so. However, there is significant expectation from society that, once an electrical system installation is complete, it will provide adequate performance over the life of the system. Preventive maintenance is essential for electrical equipment. Lack of or ignoring electrical maintenance is often directly related to failures that can trigger unwanted downtime or even cause severe injury or death. Facilities maintenance staff often ignore or bypass the regular or routine preventive maintenance procedures and techniques that can minimize these unwanted consequences. It is not cost effective to run your electrical system to the point of failure.

Accurate Electric Unlimited provides multiple preventive maintenance services:
        • Infrared scanning: this procedure can detect hot spots in electrical equipment to prevent electrical system failure, often times this procedure is encouraged by insurance companies for businesses. Sometimes reducing insurance rates.
        • Torque and clean: this service requires a shutdown of the electrical equipment being serviced. We open electrical gear, visually inspect, torque all mechanical connections and clean the gear inside and out.
        • Power monitoring: this service monitors most services or feeders ranging in size from big to small. We can monitor short periods of time up to one month. This provides valuable information of an electrical system to see how much new equipment can be added without upsizing the customers current system.