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Commercial & Industrial Electrical Services

Discover top-notch commercial and industrial electrical services with Accurate Electric Unlimited, ensuring safety and efficiency in every project.

Industrial & Commercial Electrical Services

AEU's fleet of service electricians enables us to promptly and effectively meet our customers' needs.

At Accurate Electric Unlimited, we specialize in meeting these standards, and we offer a comprehensive suite of electrical services tailored to the complex needs of commercial and industrial environments.

From state-of-the-art new installations to critical emergency services, our team is excellent at delivering customized solutions that ensure operational efficiency, compliance with regulatory standards, and above all, unwavering safety for businesses and facilities of all sizes.

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New installations

Our new installation services are designed to meet the unique requirements of each project. From designing complex electrical systems for industrial plants to efficient setups for commercial spaces, we ensure every installation is state-of-the-art and fully compliant with industry standards.

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Emergency Services+Toubleshooting

 Facing an electrical emergency? Our team is equipped to provide rapid response and efficient troubleshooting, ensuring minimal downtime for your business. We understand the urgency and are prepared to address any electrical challenges you face. 

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Tenant improvements

We offer specialized services for tenant improvements, helping landlords and tenants with electrical upgrades or modifications. Our solutions are custom-tailored to fit the specific requirements of each space, ensuring functionality and safety.

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Lighting Retrofits

We illustrate ways to reduce your utility bill, and often, your utility company may provide financial incentives for swapping out outdated, inefficient lighting for modern, energy-efficient LED lighting

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Industrial Controls

Implementing advanced control systems is our forte. These include Fiber optics, access control, CCTV , and Low Voltage. We specialize in enhancing the operational efficiency and safety of your industrial processes through state-of-the-art control systems.

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Waste Water Treatment + Pump Stations

Our expertise extends to electrical installations in wastewater treatment and pump stations. We ensure these critical systems are robust, reliable, and efficient. 

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Low Voltage

Specializing in low voltage solutions, we ensure the safety and efficiency of your electrical systems, covering everything from data cabling to security systems.

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Why AEU?

Extended Commitment to Excellence

Electrical emergencies require swift and competent responses. Our emergency services team is equipped with the knowledge and tools to tackle urgent electrical issues with the utmost urgency and precision. 

We are on standby to ensure that any electrical emergency you face is addressed promptly, restoring safety and minimizing any potential operational downtime. Our troubleshooting expertise means that we can quickly diagnose and rectify even the most complex of electrical problems.

Innovative and Sustainable Practices

Innovation and sustainability are at the core of our services. We constantly explore new technologies and methods to improve our services, ensuring your electrical systems are not only efficient but also future-proof.

Our focus on energy-efficient and sustainable solutions reflects our dedication to reducing environmental impact and promoting green practices in the industry.

Your Trusted Commercial Electric Experts

With Accurate Electric Unlimited, you're choosing a partner who understands the intricacies of commercial and industrial electrical systems

Our team of certified professionals is ready to bring their expertise and dedication to your next project, ensuring results that are not just satisfactory but exemplary.

Ready to elevate your commercial or industrial space with superior electrical services? Contact Accurate Electric Unlimited today to discover how our expertise and commitment can make a significant difference in your next project.


  1. What sets your commercial and industrial electrical services apart?
    Our commercial and industrial electrical services stand out due to our expertise in handling complex systems, commitment to safety, and customization for specific industry needs.

  2. Can you upgrade existing commercial or industrial electrical systems?
    Yes, we can upgrade existing electrical systems to improve efficiency, safety, and comply with the latest technological advancements.

  3. Do you offer energy-efficient solutions in your electrical services?
    Absolutely, we offer energy-efficient solutions, including LED lighting and automated control systems, to reduce operational costs and environmental impact.

  4. How do you ensure compliance with electrical codes and standards?
    We ensure compliance by staying up-to-date with the latest electrical codes and standards, and our team of experts meticulously applies these regulations in every project.

  5. What kind of support do you provide after completing a project?
    We provide comprehensive post-project support, including maintenance services and customer support to address any subsequent needs or concerns.