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Detention Center & Prison Security Systems

At Accurate Electric Unlimited, we specialize in providing state-of-the-art detention center and prison security systems designed to maintain the highest levels of safety and security.

Prison Security Systems for Maximum Protection

Understanding the unique and complex requirements of these environments, our team offers customized prison security solutions that combine robust technology with sophisticated control mechanisms.

Our prison security systems are comprehensive, covering various aspects of detention center security and surveillance to ensure the highest levels of safety for both staff and inmates.

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Prison Security System sERVICES Include:

High-Security Surveillance Cameras

We install advanced surveillance cameras that offer high-quality imaging and monitoring capabilities. These cameras are crucial for maintaining constant surveillance, ensuring no area within the facility is left unmonitored.

Controlled Access Systems

To manage and control access within the facility, we implement sophisticated access control systems. These systems are designed to restrict unauthorized access, thereby enhancing the overall security of the detention facility.

Perimeter Security Solutions

Our perimeter security solutions include advanced fencing systems, motion detectors, and intrusion detection systems, all integrated to provide a comprehensive security layer around the facility.

Alarm and Incident Response Systems

Quick response to incidents is critical in detention facilities. Our alarm systems are designed for immediate alerts, enabling swift action to any security breach or emergency situation.

Communication for Effective Coordination

We install state-of-the-art communication systems that enable effective and secure communication among staff members, essential for coordination and management of security operations.

Security Systems to Meet Your Facility Needs

Recognizing that each correctional facility has its unique challenges and requirements, we tailor our prison security systems to meet these specific needs.

Whether it’s a high-security prison, a juvenile detention center, or a holding facility, we ensure that our solutions address the particular security concerns of each environment.

Integration of Advanced Technologies

We stay at the forefront of technological advancements in correction facility security systems. Our approach involves integrating cutting-edge technologies such as biometric authentication, advanced analytics, and remote monitoring capabilities to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our security solutions.

Expert Installation and Ongoing Support

Our team of skilled professionals ensures expert installation and seamless integration of all security components. We provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure the security systems continue to function effectively and adapt to evolving security needs.

Commitment to Safety and Compliance

In every project, our primary focus is on safety and compliance with regulatory standards. We ensure all security installations adhere to the highest standards of safety and meet all legal requirements for correctional facilities.

Enhance the safety and security of your correctional facility with Accurate Electric Unlimited’s advanced prison security systems. Our comprehensive solutions and expertise in high-security environments make us your ideal partner for reliable, effective security systems.


  1. Key Components of an Effective Detention Security System:
    Effective detention security systems include robust surveillance, advanced access control, perimeter security measures, integrated alarms, and continuous monitoring capabilities.

  2. How do advanced surveillance cameras in detention facilities differ from standard security cameras?
    Advanced surveillance cameras in detention facilities offer higher resolutions, facial recognition capabilities, and enhanced tamper-resistance compared to standard security cameras.

  3. What technologies are used in access control systems for detention centers?
    Detention centers use biometric scanners, smart card systems, and integrated software for sophisticated access control.

  4. How are perimeter security solutions in detention facilities designed to prevent breaches?
    Perimeter security in detention facilities is multi-layered, incorporating barriers, motion detectors, and advanced surveillance to detect and deter breaches.

  5. What are the compliance and safety standards that detention security systems must adhere to?
    Detention security systems adhere to national safety regulations and specific correctional facility standards, focusing on security and privacy.